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Home Visits

Telephone contact with family:

  • Explain Project SALUTE: purpose, activities, and procedures
  • Schedule a visit based on child’s optimal time and family’s convenience.
  • Review consent form.
  • Request copy of the IFSP/IEP
  • Ask parent to let the child’s teacher and related service providers know about the project

Telephone contact with service providers in home-based services:

  • Explain Project SALUTE: purpose, activities, and procedures
  • Schedule a visit based on their convenience
  • Review consent form
  • Explain interview and videotape procedures

First Home Visit


  • Discuss Project SALUTE and sequence of activities
  • Obtain signed consent form from parent
  • Interview parent about daily activities
  • Set up a time for videotaping at home and identify the activities that will be videotaped e.g. (play or meals)
  • Obtain contact information for child’s school

Baseline video:

  • Videotape child in two target activities with caregiver.

Service Provider in Home


  • Describe Project SALUTE and sequence of activities.
  • Obtain signed consent form from service provider.
  • Interview service provider.
  • Ask service provider to complete background information profile.
  • Videotape interactive session with child and service provider.

School Visit

Telephone Contact:

Contact classroom teacher. Explain that the child’s family has consented to participate in the project. Explain project activities and set up a time to visit. Ask whether the teacher will inform administrator about upcoming visit or if project staff should contact him or her. Explain the need to observe the child’s typical day and provide information regarding forms and information on the project. Ask about school’s policy regarding video taping the classroom with other children and about the need to obtain their parents’ signed consent.

On Site Activities:

  • Explain the purpose of the project and the importance of team collaboration
  • Interview teacher and other service providers when available or schedule interview times at their convenience.
  • Ask service providers to complete professional information profiles
  • Give videotaping consent forms to teacher for the child’s classmates (if necessary)
  • Observe the classroom and the child and make notes on observation forms
  • Schedule times for videotaping the child with relevant service providers

SALUTE Staff Meeting

  • Review videos, interview and IFSP/IEP
  • Identify effective strategies being used
  • Identify ineffective strategies
  • Develop suggestions for intervention plan
  • Develop report on observations and general suggestions and send to family and service providers
  • Schedule first team meeting

First Meeting with Child’s Team


  • Review Project SALUTE Observations and General Suggestions Report (sent out before first meeting)
  • Discuss questions, changes, new recommendations, concerns
  • Establish action plan: goals, selected strategies, activities, person responsible for follow through of each activity, coordination for implementation plan with all team members
  • Schedule next team meeting to review and clarify action plan, if needed.

Second Meeting with Child’s Team


  • Develop Action Plan based on SALUTE staff and child’s team input (sent out before meeting).
  • Discuss Action Plan and demonstrate strategies with specific examples
  • Set dates for technical assistance visits and follow-up meeting
  • Set date for videotaping, if needed

Follow Up Meetings with Child’s Team


  • Update and evaluate use of strategies
  • Identify needed modifications and next steps
  • Set dates for technical assistance visits and follow-up meeting
  • Establish schedule for videotaping, if needed